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A wide range of varieties

phthalocyanine pigmentAzo pigmentBenzimidazolidone PigmentquinacridoneIsoindoline DPP Carbazole violetIt covers red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange.

China Organic Pigment Standard Maker

National Standard for Phthalocyanine Green G National Standard for Phthalocyanine Blue BPhthalocyanine Blue PB15:0 Industry Standard Phthalocyanine Blue PB15:3 Industry Standard Phthalocyanine Blue PB15:2 Industry Standard Phthalocyanine Blue PB15:4 Industry Standard Pigment Yellow PY83 Industry Standard Pigment Purple PV23 Industry Standard Pigment Yellow PY139 Industry StandardPigment Yellow PY154 Industry StandardPigment Red PR122 Industry Standard Pigment Thermal Resistance Test Standard in Plastic ProcessingTest Standard for Dispersibility of Pigments in Plastic Processing

Wide international coverage and marketing network

The United States, Canada, South American countries, Japan and Korea, Southeast Asia, Middle East and European countries

Wide international coverage and marketing network

Continuously improve the dispersibility of pigments with 30 years of pigments dispersing technology, making it easier for users to use.

Continuous improvement of powdery pollution of pigments and operation environment

LCD screen coloring for mobile phones, televisions, computers, etc.

Strong technical force

Reliable technical support to help you solve problems encountered in use

Provide you with professional solutions and technical information

Guarantee the stability and controllability of products

It not only gathers the pigment products themselves, but also includes environmental protection, innovation and sustainable development.

Customized for you

When you can't find the right product in the market, we can customize it for you.

When problems arise with your existing products, we can help you to check the bid.

When your new project needs pigmentation, we can help you dock.

When you want to improve product quality and cost performance, we can help you improve.

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