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Coating Engineer 17-Nov-Wed

Job requirements:

Age is not limited, qualification certificate or five years experience is preferred.

Post responsibility:

1. Responsible for product application formulation development and optimization;

2, to provide customers with pre-sales, sale, after sales technical support;

3. Be familiar with the formula, performance and use of various paints and coatings.

Chemical Engineer 17-Nov-Wed

Job requirements:

Responsible for the optimization of iron oxide formula to solve the process and technical problems in the oxidation process.

Post responsibility:

Engaged in professional technical work for more than 5 years, and can independently solve related technical problems, professional technical achievements are preferred

Senior foreign trade salesman 17-Nov-Wed

Job requirements:

1, responsible for the development of overseas market development plan, approved by the company after the implementation of the organization;

2, develop new customers, promote the company brand, establish a good image of the company;

3, responsible for customer maintenance.

Post responsibility:

1, five years of foreign trade work experience;

2, small language priority;

3. Good communication and negotiation skills.

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