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Environmental protection powder coating, high profit electrophoresis coating, what domestic enterprises contend for?

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With the rapid development of China's coatings industry, China's coatings output reached 18 million 997 thousand and 800 tons in 2016, and it has become the world's largest producer of coatings. The second half of the year by the Ministry of environmental protection "" 13th Five-Year "VOC pollution prevention work program", paint industry has become the focus of remediation object VOCs. More and more enterprises are becoming more and more strict in the selection of raw materials under the background of environmental protection and high pressure.

Hunan JuFa technology is a focus on research and development, production and sales of new environment-friendly inorganic pigment company, the main products are: titanium nickel titanium chromium yellow, brown, blue, green, black, copper cobalt chromium iron chromium black iron and zinc chrome brown; composite titanium composite titanium yellow, red.


Product use: can be used to roll just paint, fluorocarbon paint, wall paint, building paint, paint engineering machinery, aviation and marine coatings, automotive coatings, camouflage coatings, paint coatings, powder coatings, rock paintings, oil paint, water-based paint, light coating, weather resistant coating, anti UV coating, high temperature resistant coatings. Can also be used in direct contact with food and paint, coating and toy making etc..

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